Lingruo Zou’s Works

★Welcome to Lingruo’ s  Wonderland★

<Disappearing colours>

<Adventure of Elephant & Castle>

<The Wonderland of Jenny>
Bunny is a character I've imagined, and some of her unique features are based on me, such as her ear piercings.

The Climate Crisis is the greatest design challenge fasing us all and one we can tackle collectively by designing together. This project was completed in collaborative group with students from different design course and everyone is doing something for the Climate Crisis.

<Be yourself>
Rose appears within the mirror, symbolizing the uniqueness inherent in every individual.

Love, gender, race, and so on...

In the complex society, people always tell their friends about own secrets which buried deep in their heart bottom. However, when people show true self for some confidants, maybe the real self will become screwy immediately by rumoring. 

People so imprisoned by some uncontrollable factors, they always do something that they don’t want to do. Thus, dream is their onlysuccess, their one hope; people like a wind but free in the dream. 

<TO FU’ s daily life>
My dog To Fu is an Alaskan Malamute and he always does lots of funny and odd movements in anyplace any time. When I walk my dog in the garden, he always makes an odd movement on the grass; when I watch TV show with him at home, he usually does a series of interesting movements on the sofa. Thus, I take lots of photos to record his odd movements. 
I design a series of peripheral products of my dog’s movements like fonts. These fonts are based on my imagination and observation of his body language. 

<Disappearing colours>
Material: gsm 130g
Year: 2024

With industry and technology advancing, life has become more convenient, but at a cost to the environment and other species. Common environmental issues include climate change, driven by excessive CO2 emissions, leading to global warming, extreme weather, and rising sea levels. Ocean pollution from wastewater and solid waste is another significant concern, severely contaminating marine ecosystems. Urban expansion contributes to land desertification and ecosystem collapse. For instance, the Spix’s Macaw, which is native to Brazil, has become extinct in the wild due to habitat destruction through deforestation and agricultural expansion. Habitat fragmentation affects not only the Spix’s Macaw but also other species like the polar bear. It’s crucial to address these environmental issues and reflect on their impact on both the biosphere and humanity.